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Six eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration of the remarkable women in our lives — particularly our mothers. It’s a time when children (young and old) joyfully seek ways to express gratitude for their mother’s unconditional love and care.

Sunday 10th March, 2024 is a time to acknowledge and appreciate all maternal figures. This includes stepmothers, mothers-in-law, adoptive mothers, foster mothers, those who take on motherly roles, and fathers who fulfil the role of two parents.

Traditionally, gifts range from fragrant bouquets to delicately crafted jewellery, delicious chocolates, comforting candles, and heartwarming mugs. These gifts can be lovely to give and receive, but they typically produce lots of packaging waste.

The desire to lavish our mothers with extravagant presents may be strong, but the most meaningful gifts are often thoughtfully chosen and reflect a genuine understanding of their interests.

If your mum is mindful of her environmental impact, you can gift her something sustainable she’ll cherish.

To help you select the perfect gift for your mother, we’ve curated a list of six eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts.

1. Time together

In a survey conducted by OnePoll, mothers expressed a strong desire to spend quality time with their children and grandchildren above all else on Mother’s Day.

Traditionally, families enjoy dining out to celebrate, but there are various other meaningful ways to make your mum’s day special.

Consider preparing a homemade meal for Mum while she enjoys some well-deserved relaxation. Alternatively, you could treat her to a memorable experience or spa day. She’d undoubtedly enjoy a day trip to explore a new destination too, or a visit to her favourite spot.

What truly matters to your mother is the cherished moments shared with her loved ones.

2. A reusable shopping bag

Enable your mum to embrace sustainable shopping practices with a thoughtful gift of a reusable shopping bag.

While it may sound like a simple present, these bags come in a delightful array of colours and designs, ensuring something to suit every taste. Youll find the perfect option to match her style, whether your mum is a feline fan or prefers sleek, minimalist design.

Beyond aesthetics, a reusable shopping bag is convenient, whether your mum’s browsing the supermarket aisles, exploring a farmer’s market, or visiting a zero-waste shop. It helps to reduce single-use plastic waste and saves her money with each use — eliminating the need to purchase disposable bags.

3. Summer-flowering bulbs and corms

If your mum has green fingers or loves relaxing outdoors, she’ll be thrilled to receive summer flowers for her garden.

March and April are the perfect months to pot or plant summer-flowering bulbs, corms, and tubers, making them timely, sustainable Mother’s Day gifts.

Consider options like luscious gladiolus and lilies or enchanting ranunculus and dahlias to add vibrant colours and beauty to Mum’s garden. Elevate your gift by including pots for the flowers or fill a charming gift basket with these blooming delights.

A close-up of a pink ball dahlia
A pink dahlia

4. Upcycled jewellery

According to the OnePoll survey, 11% of mothers wished to receive jewellery for Mothering Sunday.

Unfortunately, it’s crucial to consider the environmental and ethical implications associated with traditional jewellery production. It typically involves unsustainable mining practices leading to pollution and exploitation.

Costume jewellery presents similar issues, and its poor quality often results in rapid breakages and wastage.

If you’re considering jewellery as a gift, opting for sustainably sourced pieces or exploring handmade options on platforms like Etsy can offer an eco-friendly alternative.

Choosing a bespoke necklace, ring, bracelet, or brooch made from recycled materials ensures a unique and meaningful gift. It aligns with sustainability principles, making it a thoughtful choice your mum will treasure for years.

5. An e-voucher

Gifting an e-voucher for Mother’s Day allows the recipient to choose something they truly desire, whether it’s your mum, grandmother, or another maternal figure.

With an e-voucher, the options are endless — they might book a relaxing spa treatment, enjoy a gourmet meal at their favourite restaurant, or partake in a shopping spree for new clothes. You could also give an e-voucher for an experience like a cooking class, horse riding lessons, or a weekend getaway.

Better still, e-vouchers are convenient, eliminating the need for physical delivery and reducing environmental impact. Decrease it further by giving an e-voucher valid for a nearby shop to support the local economy.

E-vouchers also provide flexibility in delivery timing, making them an ideal choice for those celebrating Mother’s Day from a distance or at the last minute.

Ultimately, gifting an e-voucher demonstrates thoughtfulness and consideration, ensuring your loved one receives a gift they truly appreciate and enjoy.

6. Handmade food

While store-bought chocolates are a common choice for Mother’s Day, their excessive and wasteful packaging isn’t a gift the environment wants or can afford.

Instead, consider a more personal approach by recreating your mum’s favourite chocolates at home. This gesture will eliminate unnecessary waste and showcase the thought and effort you’ve put into crafting a gift tailored to her tastes.

The homemade touch adds a unique charm she’ll appreciate, making the gift even more meaningful and memorable.

Consider chocolate truffles for a luxurious present that can be made in 35 minutes (with four hours of chill time to follow). Deliver them neatly piled on a plate or, if you want to package them, reuse a container and decorate it to keep the gift as sustainable as possible.

Final thoughts

If you’d like to wrap your gift, think outside the box and explore upcycled gift wrap options like fabric, magazine pages, or children’s artwork. Remember to arrange an e-card delivery straight to your mum’s inbox on Mother’s Day, too, so you can tell her how wonderful she is.

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