How to safely and legally dispose of knives

As with many kitchen utensils, kitchen knives can wear down and become less effective over time — prompting the need for replacement.

However, when the time comes to part ways with these sharp and potentially dangerous tools, questions about proper and legal disposal often arise.

Let’s cut through the mystery, explore various methods for safely disposing of kitchen knives, and discover exciting possibilities for their reuse, upcycling, and recycling.

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Pumpkin waste: the real Halloween horror story

Halloween is a much-loved celebration that has long served as a symbolic bridge between the worlds of the living and the dead.

Nowadays, this October festivity is synonymous with trick-or-treaters, elaborate costumes, spirited gatherings, and the tradition of pumpkin picking and carving.

However, Halloween has a skeleton in its closet. The chilling truth is this eerie celebration generates significant waste, with pumpkin carving being a major contributor.

Pumpkins are typically picked, intricately carved, proudly displayed, and then discarded — before ending up in a landfill as pumpkin pollution.

This year alone, a spine-tingling 22.2 million pumpkins are projected to meet this grim fate. Sticking the knife in further, this equates to a staggering £32.6 million in wasted resources and thousands of tonnes of perfectly edible pumpkin flesh.

Let’s dive deep into our cauldron of ideas and shed some light on how to make environmentally responsible choices this Halloween.

We’ll explore methods to select and decorate your pumpkin and explain how to avoid contributing to the ghoulish waste statistics this October.

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