How to pickle vegetables

Thinking of ways to make our fruit and vegetables last longer and reduce food waste often leaves us in a pickle. Whether it’s cafés or restaurants over-buying stock or the green-fingered among us enjoying riches from their fruit and vegetable patch, preserving fresh produce is important.

Pickling vegetables is a delicious, wholesome, and sustainable way to bring new life to your veggies. Let’s dig a little deeper and discover more about this food preservation method so you can enjoy out-of-season produce all year round.

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How to recycle Christmas cards

Even in today’s digital era, Christmas cards remain a thriving tradition, with the UK alone witnessing the exchange of approximately one billion cards over the festive season.

Surprisingly, the younger generation is championing this custom, sending more cards than their older counterparts. With such numbers, it’s clearly a tradition that’s here to stay.

However, this annual exchange delivers an environmental consideration. With so many cards and envelopes being distributed every December, the aftermath involves managing over two billion pieces of waste. How we handle this waste can significantly impact our planet.

Let’s explore the importance of disposing of Christmas cards responsibly and unearth actionable ways to reuse and recycle this seasonal waste.

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