A comprehensive guide to woodland burial

As society evolves, so do our perspectives on life’s inevitable conclusion. Mourners and pre-planners have recently expanded their horizons beyond the conventional options of cremation and traditional burial.

This shift reflects a growing awareness of our environmental impact, extending to how we bid farewell to this world.

We’ve previously touched on eco-friendly post-life choices, so join us again as we explore one of those options in detail — woodland burials. With 10% of UK adults expressing a desire for a natural burial, this sustainable alternative resonates with an increasing number of people.

Let’s dig deeper into woodland burials and uncover why they capture the interest of so many environmentally conscious citizens.

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Cat litter: Which is best for your cat and the environment?

With a staggering 11 million domestic cats slinking around UK homes and over a quarter of households claiming ownership, the nation’s love for its whiskered companions is undeniable.

According to the CATS report by Cats Protection, the reasons behind this feline fascination range from companionship to alleviating stress.

However, inviting a pussycat into your home involves regularly shopping for essentials like food and cat litter.

While cat litter might seem a straightforward purchase, cats aren’t known for their laid-back nature and typically have strong opinions on the litter they use. Additionally, the environmental impact of cat litter is somewhat shrouded in mystery.

Join us as we explore each cat litter’s benefits and drawbacks, including their environmental impact. Then, be the cat that got the cream by making informed choices for a more sustainable and cat-friendly world.

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The complete guide to water cremation

Almost 80% of families in the UK choose traditional cremation when a loved one passes away, while the remaining 20% opt for burial.

However, it’s no secret that land for burial is scarce, and the flame cremation process carries a heavy carbon footprint  — each cremation releases approximately 245 kg of carbon into the atmosphere. As a result, annual carbon emissions from cremations in the UK amount to a staggering 115,150 tonnes.

With growing concern, the funeral industry and the general public are keen to find a greener alternative, and water cremation is gaining traction. However, most of the UK’s population remains unfamiliar with it.

Let’s investigate water cremation, its operational process, associated costs, and environmental advantages.

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Agroforestry: The beginner’s guide

Agroforestry has been happening since ancient times and is still widely practised worldwide by over 1.2 billion people on approximately 1 billion hectares of land.

However, this land management method has faced various barriers to widespread adoption in the UK. 72% of the country’s land is farmed, and just 3% is used for agroforestry systems.

Let’s explore agroforestry and how it works before diving into its advantages and drawbacks. Doing so will give us a comprehensive understanding of the practice and its potential for the UK and the environment.

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Is glitter bad for the environment?

Glitter is attractively sparkly and adds a touch of magic to many corners of our lives — from fashion and greetings cards to festivals and crafting.

While it’s undeniably pretty, glitter’s impact on the environment has become a hot topic in the broader conversation on sustainability.

Let’s shine a spotlight on glitter and see how this snazzy product has become a glaringly obvious problem for the planet.

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How to reduce your business’s digital carbon footprint

The digital revolution has enabled countless positive changes in business regarding the environment and the reduction of CO₂ emissions.

However, as the world becomes increasingly digitised, every individual and business must recognise the impact their online activities have on the environment.

Every time you send an email, upload a photo to your website, or replace broken technology, you contribute to your digital carbon footprint and climate change.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce your company’s digital impact on the world, boost your corporate social responsibility, and enable a more sustainable future.

Let’s put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and define a digital carbon footprint before exploring simple ways to reduce it.

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Turfing out the untruths: Is artificial grass eco-friendly?

The synthetic grass market is set to reach $7 billion worldwide by 2025 thanks to numerous novel uses, a rise in sports investment, and consumers wishing to reduce their water bills.

Popular in commercial and domestic settings, fake grass is undeniably green in colour, but is it green in terms of its environmental impact too?

Join us as we turf out the untruths and investigate how eco-friendly artificial grass is.

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The best eco-friendly heating systems

With oil and gas prices reaching staggering heights and the climate crisis at a critical level, many are seeking more eco-friendly heating options.

Luckily, recent technological advancements have provided an array of solutions to choose from. Discover the best eco-friendly heating systems and learn how to choose the best one for your home.

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How does rental fashion work?

As consumers shift to more sustainable buying habits, the clothing industry has come under tremendous pressure to offer eco-friendly alternatives to fast fashion.

Enter the rise of rental fashion sites, where people can temporarily borrow their clothes and wear brand-new outfits without the environmental cost.

Find out more about rental fashion and how borrowing items is helping the planet.

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