How to create a capsule wardrobe

Most of us are guilty of a wardrobe full of clothes we never wear — whether that’s because they’re no longer the right size, they’re out of fashion, or they were an impulse buy we’ve never worn.

This wardrobe-stuffing has been encouraged by fast fashion, which has enabled people to buy endless items of clothing without breaking the bank or giving each purchase much thought.

With so many clothes to choose from, many of us struggle to decide what to wear each day — and a surprising number of us end up reaching for the same pieces daily, to avoid the decision.

This situation could be avoided with the implementation of a capsule wardrobe.

With such busy lives and many of us wishing to move over to more sustainable ways of living, a capsule wardrobe could make life simpler and eco-friendlier for everyone.

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How to avoid single-use coffee cups

Single-use coffee cups have featured in the news a lot over the past few years, primarily due to the fact that they are difficult to recycle and the UK gets through 2.5 billion of them per year.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall brought ‘disposable’ cups to the public eye on his War on Waste programme back in March 2016, and there’s been much public discussion ever since.

Coffee fans the country over have been caught up in the discussion over the takeaway cups used to house their beloved flat white or frothy cappuccino.

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How to reduce your business’s plastic waste & save money

Plastic is a real buzzword at the moment and rightly so — it is polluting our planet, killing wildlife, and contaminating our seas. In fact, approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans daily.

Many of us are trying to cut down on single-use plastic at home, but businesses need to look at their use too. After all, a business will use much more plastic than an individual will, and it will be costing lots of money in waste collections too. Not only that, but addressing plastic waste issues will enhance your brand’s reputation and help you to attract eco-friendly customers. There’s literally nothing to lose — except the plastic.

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What personal stylists think about fast fashion

A cross-party group of MPs has suggested the introduction of a 1p tax on each item of new clothing to encourage retailers to work in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner. This would mean that those retailers which continued to make clothing from virgin materials would be penalised, as would those who didn’t set up a recycling scheme for their clothing.

We spoke to two personal stylists — people who style others for a living — to find out how they view sustainable fashion and to get their opinion on the proposed 1p garment tax.

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Britain’s battle against 1.2bn bread crusts

A study has revealed that Brits collectively throw out 1.2 billion edible bread crusts annually — valued at approximately £62 million — not because the bread has gone mouldy, but simply because they don’t enjoy the crust of the loaf. This figure equates to 50 million loaves of bread being binned every year.

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Zero waste gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

The breeze may be cold at this time of the year but love is very much in the air in February, too! Valentine’s Day is on February 14 — a popular celebration of love, and often an excuse to buy your sweetheart a gift and a card to declare your affections. If you’re trying to cut down on waste, why not change up your usual plan this Valentine’s Day? You could buy a card made from recycled paper, send an e-card, or ditch the card altogether. How about the Valentine’s gift? Well, we’ve listed some great options for you below — there are loads to choose from.

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8 zero waste swaps for the bathroom

The zero waste movement is picking up momentum and that’s understandable when you consider the current single-use plastic problem, our culture of disposables, and the shocking volume of general waste that gets sent to landfill daily, where it will never decompose. All of this can be avoided by simple changes, and these can start at home.

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How to plan a low-waste wedding

Anyone who has ever been involved in planning a wedding will know that it can become a very wasteful experience — from the disposable decorations to the excess food; from the paper invites to the wedding favours. Not only is there a lot of waste created for one day, but all of these things add up to cost you a small (or large) fortune. Why not do your pocket and the planet a favour by opting for a low waste wedding in-line with your lifestyle? We have collected some great ideas for you below.

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