How to dispose of unwanted soil

When you’re completing a gardening or renovation project, you often end up with excess soil. When soil gets wet, it can become more hassle to work with and could result in a lot of mess.

With garden waste and soil, you cannot just dump it anywhere. It is crucial to dispose of your unwanted soil safely and legally.

There is a common misunderstanding that soil can go in your general waste wheelie bin – this is incorrect.

Garden waste cannot be mixed with your domestic waste and, on bin day, your bin will remain unemptied if it contains any kind of garden waste.

Throughout this article, we will discuss some of the most common ways to dispose of your unwanted soil.

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How to dispose of bulky waste

Whether you’re having a house clearance, an office clearance or a garden waste clearance, it is crucial that you correctly dispose of your waste.

If waste is incorrectly disposed of, it can negatively impact the environment and harm wildlife, too.

There are a plethora of waste disposal rules, so it can get quite confusing for individuals and businesses alike.

Keep reading to discover what is classed as bulky waste and how you can correctly dispose of it.

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What is commercial waste?

Commercial waste is any waste produced by a business on its premises. So, whether you run a trade site, an office, a recreation centre, educational premises, or an entertainment establishment — all the waste produced by these places is classed as commercial.

Business waste also includes that resulting from construction, agriculture, industry, and demolition.

There is often confusion around what waste types fall under the commercial category.

Any waste produced by a business — including (but not limited to) paper, cardboard, cans, retail packaging, and food wrappers — is commercial waste.

For this reason, it legally has to be discarded in a certain way. You cannot, for example, take commercial waste home to dispose of in your domestic bins.

Keep reading to learn more about commercial waste removal, the responsibilities businesses have regarding business waste, and how to legally control your waste.

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