Win a Zero Waste lunch kit with Forge Recycling

This competition is now closed. The winner was Julie Parkinson of West Yorkshire. Thank you to all who entered.

Lunch can be a tough thing to turn ‘zero waste’ – especially if you work – as it often means grabbing something quick from a local shop, which will inevitably involve a mass of ‘single-use’ plastic packaging, which is destined for the bin.

A great solution to this problem is to pack your own lunch at home, however even that can end up producing a lot of waste – think sandwich bags, napkins, foil, and cling film. What you really need is a set of reusable lunch storage items, which you can then use over and over again, safe in the knowledge that you are being eco-friendly, as well as saving yourself money.

Win a Zero Waste lunch kit!

Here at Forge Recycling we have a fantastic lunch kit to give away, which will not only help you achieve a zero waste lunch, but is also made from non-plastic materials, so there will be no toxins leeching into your food or drink either! This brilliant kit consists of a stainless steel two-tier lunchbox, which contains a small extra container, a glass water bottle, and a bamboo spork. This fabulous prize is worth £50.

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7 Zero Waste gift ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day – just like Christmas, Birthdays, and many other annual celebrations – can be an occasion of excesses, where the issue of waste easily gets forgotten by most. But this need not be the case. This year, why not treat your Dad whilst also treating the environment, by not creating any waste? It’s a lot easier than you’d think. Take a look at our seven ideas below for inspiration. What would your Dad like most on Father’s Day? The chance to spend some quality time with his child or children is probably high on the list.

Take Dad to a festival

As Father’s Day falls in June, there will no doubt be a selection of summer festivals on in your local area. Festivals are increasingly popular, and now, aside from the classic music festival, there are festivals for food, beer, cider, wine, gin, specialist diets, film, board games, sports, and much more. There’s bound to be one your Dad would love.

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Bradford: Healing wounds with recycled eggshells

Researchers based at Bradford Royal Infirmary are currently developing a wound dressing which utilises the thin, fibrous membrane found inside hen’s eggshells.

The researchers are from NIHR WoundTec HTC at the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), and are working in unison with a Norwegian company, Biovotecat, at the BRI site.

What are the benefits?

This groundbreaking research could be set to save the NHS millions of pounds, as wound management currently costs the NHS an eye-watering £5 billion per year. With 2.2 million wounds to tend per year, it is clear to see that the current cost of wound management is high. So, the eggshells cost less to buy than traditional wound dressings, but also the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of the eggshell membranes mean that wounds will heal faster and so treatment time will be significantly shorter too.

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