7 Zero Waste gift ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day – just like Christmas, Birthdays, and many other annual celebrations – can be an occasion of excesses, where the issue of waste easily gets forgotten by most. But this need not be the case. This year, why not treat your Dad whilst also treating the environment, by not creating any waste? It’s a lot easier than you’d think. Take a look at our seven ideas below for inspiration. What would your Dad like most on Father’s Day? The chance to spend some quality time with his child or children is probably high on the list.

Take Dad to a festival

As Father’s Day falls in June, there will no doubt be a selection of summer festivals on in your local area. Festivals are increasingly popular, and now, aside from the classic music festival, there are festivals for food, beer, cider, wine, gin, specialist diets, film, board games, sports, and much more. There’s bound to be one your Dad would love.

Cook for Dad

Your Father has no doubt spent many years looking after you, so why not return the favour for one day and cook him his favourite food? You could surprise him with breakfast in bed, a lazy morning brunch in his PJs, a delicious lunchtime feast eaten outside in the sun with his child(ren), or how about a lovely family gathering in the evening? A barbeque on a warm summer evening surrounded by family and friends could be just what your Dad loves.

Send Dad off to enjoy his favourite hobby

What does your Dad enjoy doing most? Perhaps he loves nothing more than a few rounds of golf with friends, an afternoon on the allotment or in the garden, a walk in the woods or along the beautiful British coastline, kayaking on the local lake, or just spending a few hours relaxing with the Xbox or Playstation. Whatever tickles his fancy, why not organise for it to happen?

Have a family day out with Dad

Why not pack a picnic and hit the road with your nearest and dearest? Do whatever your family love to do together – maybe a trip to the seaside, a canal-side walk, a cycle through the mountains, a museum visit, or a shopping trip incorporating Dad’s favourite shops.

Give Dad an experience

Why not gift your Dad an experience, such as tickets to the cinema, a musical, an opera, a theatre production, a massage, a music concert, or something a bit more daring, such as a skydive or paragliding (if that’s his thing!)

Give Dad a homemade gift

If you like the idea of giving a physical gift, and think your Dad would appreciate it more than an experience, you could create something at home, such as homemade granola, or how about a homemade and natural deodorant or toothpaste? All of these are simple to make, but would make a lovely gift.

Give Dad the gift of Zero Waste

If your Dad is interested in reducing his waste, why not gift him something he can use to do so? A few suggestions include a stainless steel lunchbox, a bamboo toothbrush, or a compost bin for the garden. These ‘tools’ would really help him with waste reduction.

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