Everything you need to know about recycled wool

Wool is a natural fibre and textile made from the fleece of sheep. It’s used to manufacture a wide variety of products, from jumpers and socks to blankets, carpets and cushion covers.

While wool offers many benefits like softness, warmth, water repellence, and fire resistance (did you know that firefighter uniforms are made from 100% merino wool?), it doesn’t last forever.

Luckily, it is a fibre that takes very well to recycling.

Let’s take a closer look at wool recycling techniques, what the resulting material is made into, and your options for recycling your old woollen garments.

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How to reuse coffee grounds

Used coffee grounds are often seen as standard waste and are typically disposed of after they’ve been used to make coffee.

However, there are many ways to reuse coffee grounds. Knowing what you can do with your leftover coffee can free up space in landfills, benefiting the environment.

This blog post will explain what coffee grounds are, examine if you can reuse them to make more coffee, and outline various inventive ways to reuse them for other purposes.

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