How to reuse candle wax and jars

A candle’s flickering flame and scent can soothe an anxious mind and trigger a meditative state.

It’s no wonder candles are such a popular purchase for home décor, with their atmospheric low light and rich, relaxing fragrances.

Unfortunately, burning candles results in leftover containers and wax, but there are ways to make your passion for candles environmentally friendlier.

Let’s take a look at how we can reuse and recycle candle wax and jars, and fix a broken candle wick.

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How to recycle your old phone case

There are 71.8 million mobile connections in the UK, which is 4.2 million more than the UK’s population.

From this data, we can assume most adults have at least one mobile phone, and many have a second connection — often a work phone.

As mobile phones are crucial to many of us and expensive to repair or replace, most are protected by a phone case.

On average, we change handsets every 21 months, which means we all buy a lot of phone cases — but how does this impact the environment?

Let’s discuss phone case waste and how it can be reduced or avoided.

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