A simple guide to blister pack recycling

Most pre-packaged tablet medications in the UK come in blister packs.

Regrettably, these blister packs pose challenges for recycling, and the majority find their way into regular waste bins, eventually reaching landfills.

There is hope as efforts are underway to recycle this medication waste. However, information on the proper recycling methods remains scarce, so uptake is low.

Let’s dive into the nature of blister packs and how to recycle them responsibly.

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The complete guide to water cremation

Almost 80% of families in the UK choose traditional cremation when a loved one passes away, while the remaining 20% opt for burial.

However, it’s no secret that land for burial is scarce, and the flame cremation process carries a heavy carbon footprint  — each cremation releases approximately 245 kg of carbon into the atmosphere. As a result, annual carbon emissions from cremations in the UK amount to a staggering 115,150 tonnes.

With growing concern, the funeral industry and the general public are keen to find a greener alternative, and water cremation is gaining traction. However, most of the UK’s population remains unfamiliar with it.

Let’s investigate water cremation, its operational process, associated costs, and environmental advantages.

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Eight ways to upcycle & recycle old jewellery

Jewellery holds sentimental and emotional value for many people. However, with shifting trends, evolving preferences, and the potential for wear and tear, many of us own jewellery that remains overlooked and unworn.

Rather than relegating pieces to the shadows of a jewellery box or sending them to landfill, a more inspired and eco-conscious destiny beckons — the realm of recycling and upcycling.

If you have an unfashionable ring stashed away or a broken pair of sparkly earrings, join us as we uncover the potential of rejuvenating old jewellery.

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