Six festival waste management tips for organisers

The vibrant atmosphere and lively entertainment of UK festivals draw in millions of attendees every year. Our local music festivals attract 6.5 million people, with many more attending festivals dedicated to food, dance, arts, and cultural events.

Despite the excitement surrounding each British festival, there’s a persistent issue: excessive waste.

Waste management poses a significant challenge for organisers, whether those covering the sprawling grounds of Leeds Festival or smaller sites like Slam Dunk, Live at Leeds, and North Leeds Food Festival.

Taking charge of site waste is crucial to festival organisation. We’ve all witnessed the disheartening post-event footage of those lacking a sufficient festival waste management plan — fields strewn with litter, abandoned tents, and chairs.

Powerful Thinking’s ‘The Show Must Go On’ report revealed UK camping music festivals produce 25,800 tonnes of waste yearly. Prevention is ideal but not always feasible, so prioritising reusability and fostering a responsible waste disposal culture among festivalgoers is essential.

Join us as we explore six tips for managing waste at festivals. Learn how to prepare ticketholders, liaise with waste management vendors, and produce a comprehensive event waste management plan.

Implementing these practical strategies can prevent issues, alleviate concerns, and pave the way for a cleaner, more eco-friendly festival experience.

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The essential guide to natural deodorant

In 1888, the debut of the first commercial deodorant marked a pivotal moment in the battle against underarm sweat. The first antiperspirant was marketed in 1903, and by the mid-20th century, the popularity of these products rocketed.

Consumers are now increasingly conscious of the substances they apply to their bodies and release into the environment. This is due to concern surrounding the ingredients in many conventional deodorants and antiperspirants.

The market has witnessed a surge in natural, eco-friendly deodorants in response to these growing concerns.

Join us as we traverse the disadvantages of traditional deodorants and antiperspirants and the advantages of natural ones. We’ll explore the anxieties deodorants provoke before navigating the landscape of natural alternatives and outlining three of the most popular brands.

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