Tips to get your child to recycle

Protecting our planet starts at a young age. That’s why educating your kids about the environment is important and inspiring them to do their bit to help the planet.

Learn how to encourage recycling with these ways to recycle for kids. From informational videos and fun recycling facts to craft sessions and day trips, there is a range of resources to encourage children to recycle and consider their impact on the planet.

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How does rental fashion work?

As consumers shift to more sustainable buying habits, the clothing industry has come under tremendous pressure to offer eco-friendly alternatives to fast fashion.

Enter the rise of rental fashion sites, where people can temporarily borrow their clothes and wear brand-new outfits without the environmental cost.

Find out more about rental fashion and how borrowing items is helping the planet.

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How to recycle books

Stories play a huge part in our lives, and books give us a chance to sift through a new tale. However, only some people like to hold on to every book they have read. That’s why it’s good to know how books are recycled so you can make room for something new to sit on your shelf.

Books are created using logger-cut trees that have had the bark sliced off. Big woodchippers chop the logs into small bits, which are then boiled and moulded into sheets of paper.

As books are made of trees, many believe they are easily recyclable. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, as the glue that binds the pages together can’t be directly recycled. However, there are many solutions to this!

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