The best eco-friendly heating systems

With oil and gas prices reaching staggering heights and the climate crisis at a critical level, many are seeking more eco-friendly heating options.

Luckily, recent technological advancements have provided an array of solutions to choose from. Discover the best eco-friendly heating systems and learn how to choose the best one for your home.

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Tips to get your child to recycle

Protecting our planet starts at a young age. That’s why educating your kids about the environment is important and inspiring them to do their bit to help the planet.

Learn how to encourage recycling with these ways to recycle for kids. From informational videos and fun recycling facts to craft sessions and day trips, there is a range of resources to encourage children to recycle and consider their impact on the planet.

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How does rental fashion work?

As consumers shift to more sustainable buying habits, the clothing industry has come under tremendous pressure to offer eco-friendly alternatives to fast fashion.

Enter the rise of rental fashion sites, where people can temporarily borrow their clothes and wear brand-new outfits without the environmental cost.

Find out more about rental fashion and how borrowing items is helping the planet.

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The best new innovative recycling ideas

With the world’s population producing a growing amount of plastic waste, the need for new and improved recycling methods is crucial.

Studies show that recycling more efficiently can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by minimising energy consumption and using raw materials. Unfortunately, the world is also generating twice as much plastic waste as twenty years ago, with most of it ending up in landfills, incinerated, or dumped into the environment. According to some reports, we only correctly recycle around 9% of our plastic waste.

But is there a way to combat our waste problem with innovative recycling solutions? Could science, technology, and thinking outside the box alleviate our reliance on unsustainable waste disposal methods? Discover the latest recycling methods and find out where the future could lead.

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Plastic free kitchen swaps

The kitchen is the heart of the home and often where we use and generate the most plastic waste. In fact, since its creation in 1907, plastic use has consumed much of the UK.

You’ll find plastic in many kitchen items, from single-use plastic packaging to plastic utensils, cling film, Tupperware, and plastic-infused tea bags.

In the UK, 82% of adults want to reduce the amount of single-use plastic they throw away. However, standing in a kitchen surrounded by plastic can feel overwhelming.

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How do I reduce my water usage? 5 ways to save water

Despite being the world’s most abundant natural resource, saving water and reducing your usage is crucial in protecting the environment.

The ongoing climate crisis has made it challenging to ensure communities have access to safe and clean water, putting thousands of vulnerable people at risk of malnutrition and disease. Limiting our usage helps preserve water and ensure there is enough for everyone.

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Best eco-friendly sunscreens

It’s widely known that protecting our skin from harmful UV rays is important. Fortunately, high-factor SPFs and nourishing sunscreens help defend our bodies against the sun, allowing us to enjoy the warm weather safely.

Unfortunately, many of these sunscreens are bad for the environment. Harsh chemicals damage marine life, while plastic bottles, tubes, and caps pollute our planet.

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Plastic Free July: Who produces the most plastic waste?

Each year, Plastic Free July encourages companies and individuals to analyse how much plastic they throw away. The campaign highlights the benefits of environmentally friendly packaging and reusable containers and prompts shoppers to reconsider their buying habits and purchase zero-waste products instead.

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