Claim your free community litter pick kit

Please note: this was a time-limited offer for the Yorkshire area only, and has now finished. Thank you for your interest.

Street cleansing costs UK taxpayers almost £1 billion per year in England alone, and that is just the monetary cost of litter; it also impacts upon community wellbeing and mental health, wildlife, local business, tourism, wildlife, and the environment. Furthermore, it encourages other anti-social behaviour.

Despite the best efforts of local councils, there are still many spots around Yorkshire (and further afield) where litter builds up – after all, 62% of people in England drop litter, although only 28% admit to it, and councils have a budget to work within. However, 57% of people in England feel that litter is a problem in their area. Is it an issue in your area?

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Aldi fights food waste with improved packaging

Aldi has unveiled new fresh produce packaging, which features tips on maximising shelf life and cutting food waste at home.

This news comes following the January 2017 announcement that UK households wasted 7.3 million tonnes of food in 2015. This figure was higher than previous years, meaning food waste at home is on the rise despite Government pledges to cut it. WRAP encouraged retailers to make changes following January’s annoucement, and this packaging change is Aldi’s response.

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