Eight ways to reduce waste in the retail sector

Environmental sustainability is a pressing concern, and businesses across most industries are actively seeking ways to reduce waste and minimise their ecological footprint.

The retail sector must play a significant role in adopting sustainable practices due to its large-scale operations and consumption rate.

Retail waste can encompass everything from unsold products to packaging materials, and waste causes and streams vary significantly between businesses.

With increasing consumer awareness and demand for eco-friendly practices, implementing waste reduction strategies in retail has become more critical than ever.

Let’s look at eight practical methods for retailers to reduce waste and promote sustainability, starting with the logical step of a waste audit.

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How to reduce food waste in UK schools

School food waste is a significant issue that has plagued the UK’s educational institutions for decades.

If you’re wondering, ‘how much food do schools waste per year?’, you’re in for a shock.

55,408 tonnes of food waste is generated annually by primary schools in England and 24,974 tonnes by secondary schools. That’s a total food waste weight of 80,382 tonnes across England’s schools annually — meaning urgent action must be taken.

Let’s address the reasons behind school food waste before outlining solutions.

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