Cat litter: Which is best for your cat and the environment?

With a staggering 11 million domestic cats slinking around UK homes and over a quarter of households claiming ownership, the nation’s love for its whiskered companions is undeniable.

According to the CATS report by Cats Protection, the reasons behind this feline fascination range from companionship to alleviating stress.

However, inviting a pussycat into your home involves regularly shopping for essentials like food and cat litter.

While cat litter might seem a straightforward purchase, cats aren’t known for their laid-back nature and typically have strong opinions on the litter they use. Additionally, the environmental impact of cat litter is somewhat shrouded in mystery.

Join us as we explore each cat litter’s benefits and drawbacks, including their environmental impact. Then, be the cat that got the cream by making informed choices for a more sustainable and cat-friendly world.

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Five creative ways to upcycle a T-shirt

If you find it challenging to part with T-shirts that have seen better days, rest assured that many other people are cut from the same cloth. Wardrobes and drawers nationwide harbour tops that have remained untouched for years.

Don’t simply consign your old tops to the back of the closet or in the bin. Give your T-shirts a renewed purpose and a fresh lease of life while ensuring they evade landfills.

Let’s explore five creative ways to upcycle a T-shirt.

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