Tips for eco-friendly travel

Travel in itself is not a very eco-friendly activity as it always involves the use of transport, however many people find travel highly enjoyable and aren’t willing to give it up for the sake of the environment. After all, travel isn’t all bad — it can be highly beneficial in broadening the mind and boosting mental health, as well as giving local economies a lift.

Luckily, there are a number of ways to enjoy a holiday while keeping your environmental impact to a minimum.

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UK’s bottle banks overflow following the festive period

Following on from the UK’s Christmas and New Year celebrations, bottle banks across the country have been left overflowing with empty bottles that were once filled with wine, beer and other beverages. Unfortunately, instead of returning with the glass waste when the bottle banks have been emptied, users have been piling the bottles up next to the banks — in bags, boxes, or just loose — essentially flytipping, and not making the job of the recycling teams any easier! Let’s hope they are all emptied soon, as some of the images look like a health and safety hazard.

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8 zero waste swaps for the bathroom

The zero waste movement is picking up momentum and that’s understandable when you consider the current single-use plastic problem, our culture of disposables, and the shocking volume of general waste that gets sent to landfill daily, where it will never decompose. All of this can be avoided by simple changes, and these can start at home.

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