5 ways to recycle your spectacles

It’s estimated that 75 per cent of the population requires vision correction, with around 64 per cent of people choosing to wear glasses to correct their vision and 11 per cent opting for contact lenses — either solely or alongside eyeglasses.

With so many of us wearing spectacles and having annual eye tests, glasses can, unfortunately, become ineffectual for the individual they were made for within just one year.

Often made from metal or plastic, glasses can’t just be thrown in your household recycling bin, so many people are left wondering, ‘where can I recycle spectacles?’

You’d be amazed at how many pairs of old prescription glasses are lurking at the back of drawers in houses across the country.

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at where to recycle spectacles — whether it is prescription or reading glasses you need to dispose of.

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What is domestic waste?

Domestic waste is any waste that is produced in the home environment.

Local authorities’ waste teams regularly collect the bulk of this, and additional household waste can be collected via one-off waste collections or skip hire.

Larger or extra domestic waste can also be taken to a local recycling centre for disposal.

This blog post will explore what domestic waste consists of and what happens to it after being collected from the nation’s homes.

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Five ridiculously easy ways to recycle your mobile phone

Whether you have a contract where the cost of your phone is included, or you buy a new phone when you need one, most of us end up in possession of mobile phones we don’t need anymore somewhere along the line.

Many handsets end up lurking in the back of kitchen drawers, where they get forgotten about until they are eventually chucked in the bin.

No mobile phone needs to end up in the bin though — most are 80 per cent recyclable.

In this article, we’ll outline all of the options available for mobile phone recycling.

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Why recycling is important

We talk a lot about waste and recycling on our blog, and we wanted to go back to basics this month and talk about why recycling is important.

With recycling being such a common occurrence nowadays, it sometimes feels like the reason behind it has been lost over time.

So, in this blog post, we’ll take a look at the reasons behind us all separating our recyclables from our general waste.

If you don’t currently recycle and want to know why you should, this is certainly the perfect read for you too!

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Everything you need to know about electronic waste recycling

When you need to dispose of your broken or unwanted electronic items, it can often be unclear what options you have.

Due to the harmful chemicals present in electronic waste, it is crucial that it is disposed of and recycled correctly and safely.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about electronic waste recycling and how to dispose of your electronic waste — whether it’s domestic or commercial.

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What is commercial waste?

Commercial waste is any waste produced by a business on its premises. So, whether you run a trade site, an office, a recreation centre, educational premises, or an entertainment establishment — all the waste produced by these places is classed as commercial.

Business waste also includes that resulting from construction, agriculture, industry, and demolition.

There is often confusion around what waste types fall under the commercial category.

Any waste produced by a business — including (but not limited to) paper, cardboard, cans, retail packaging, and food wrappers — is commercial waste.

For this reason, it legally has to be discarded in a certain way. You cannot, for example, take commercial waste home to dispose of in your domestic bins.

Keep reading to learn more about commercial waste removal, the responsibilities businesses have regarding business waste, and how to legally control your waste.

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