Four in five Scots would welcome a second-hand Christmas gift

A survey backed by Zero Waste Scotland has found that four-fifths of Scots would welcome a pre-loved gift for Christmas, but 65 per cent of those surveyed said they wouldn’t consider buying a second-hand gift for a loved one. Only one quarter of Scots have ever gifted someone a second-hand item.

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive with Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“People may worry that friends and family won’t be happy with a second-hand gift, but these new figures show the majority of people would actually welcome a pre-loved gift. Now that there are over 80 Revolve certified shops across the country, including high street branches of Sense Scotland and Capability Scotland, it has never been easier to find a place to shop second-hand with confidence.”

The YouGov survey, commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland, also found that 68 per cent of Scots had purchased a second-hand item for themselves in the past. 56 per cent of those chose to purchase second-hand to find good quality items at lower prices, and 44 per cent went down the pre-loved route to find unique items.

The survey also unveiled what items Scottish people purchased second-hand. Here they are, in order of popularity: books (72 per cent), clothes (50 per cent), furniture (44 per cent), DVDs (43 per cent), music CDs (39 per cent), electronics (31 per cent), fashion accessories (30 per cent), baby items (19 per cent), and shoes (19 per cent).

Could you buy second-hand this Christmas, or for the next birthday in your calendar?

Featured image credit: HighwayStarz