Forge Recycling Leeds Business Recycling for Mixed Recycling, Food Waste Disposal and Glass Recycling in the Leeds area
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Recycling for businesses in Leeds

Forge Recycling aims to offer a flexible waste management service with an emphasis on making recycling easy. As well as general trade waste collections, we are particularly focusing on the relatively new area of Food Waste Recycling. We plan to make the historically expensive service a cost effective solution by introducing new innovative Waste Management Systems.

You can view our map opposite to see the areas we cover in and around Leeds. If your home or business is outside this area don't panic, call us on 0845 50 50 905 and we will see if we can come to you, or, contact us by filling in our contact form.

There are three types of recycling that we deal with at Forge Recycling; Mixed Recycling, Food Waste and Glass Bottles.

Mixed Recycling in Leeds

We offer a Mixed Recyclable collection and have found this is the best way to collect all the recyclable material from your business. Instead of having multiple bins for each different type of dry recyclable material you simply put it all into one container.

Food Waste in Leeds

Forge Recycling has an innovate approach to this relatively new area of Waste Management. Our split bodied waste collection vehicle allows us to collect food waste and another waste steam at the same visit helping to make the service a cost effective solution for your business.

We collect food waste using 240 litre bins, they are emptied weekly ensuring food does not sit on site for long periods of time. We also offer kitchen caddys and regular bin washes.

Glass Bottles in Leeds

Glass bottles are expensive to send to landfill as they are heavy. Forge Recycling can collect glass bottles from Restaurants, Pubs and clubs and ensure they are 100% recycled helping to save your company money at the same time. We collect bottles using 240 litre bins.