Commercial Waste & Recycling

Forge Waste & Recycling offers a Total Waste Management Solution for your business. We can help you save money by introducing Innovative Recycling Solutions as well as cost effect General Trade Waste collections.

Remember, we are not a broker.  We will collect your business waste using our own fleet of vehicles.  We only employ experienced, local drivers to ensure we offer the best customer service possible.

We work with variety of businesses across the retail, catering, hospitality and industrial sectors. Our customers range from national chains through to sole traders.

You can be assured that we will deliver a high quality, legally compliant and competitive waste service that will suit your specific requirements.

How the service works

To ensure you are signing up for the most suitable service if required we will come to your site and carry out a free waste audit. We can advise you on the most cost effective solution to deal with your waste.

Once the correct service has been arranged and the relevant paperwork has been completed we will arrange for the bins/sacks to be delivered. This process can take as little as a couple of days from you initial enquiry. If urgent it is possible to get the paper work signed and a bin delivered on the same day.

You will then be informed of you regular collection day/days. If more collections are required please call our customer services team who will arrange for you.

General Waste

As a waste producer you must ensure your General Waste is contained and collected regularly. 

Forge Recycling can arrange to collect your compactable, non-hazardous residual waste and will dispose of it at a fully licenced facility. 

We make 1000’s of General Waste collections each week from a wide range of customers:

  • Retail
  • Pub / Restaurant / Cafe
  • Offices
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing

We offer a full range of lockable containers with regular scheduled pickups.  Our service is reliable, competitive and we operate 7days a week.  Forge Recycling will supply all relevant documentation to ensure you comply with all current legislation.

Mixed Recycling

We offer a Mixed Recyclable collection and have found this is the best way to collect all the recyclable material from your business. Instead of have multiple bins for each different type of dry recyclable material you simply put it all into one container.

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Drinks Cans
  • Food Tin

These can all be put into your Mixed Recycling Container. Once collected this material will be sorted at a Materials Recovery Facility where it will be 100% recycled.

We can supply wheelie bins (360 litre, 660 littre, 1100 litre) as well as Trade Sacks for this material. All bins are clearly labelled so there is no confusion.

As well as external containers we can also supply a wide range of internal bin solutions for your office/work place. We will be happy to work with you to create recycle stations and can provide posters etc. All this helps to increase your recycling rates.

This method of recycling gives impressive results. The service is cheaper than the collection of General Waste so as landfill tax rises you will continue to save more money year on year.

Glass Recycling

Glass bottles are expensive to send to landfill as they are heavy. Forge Recycling can collect glass bottles from Restaurants, Pubs and Cubs and ensure they are 100% recycled helping to save your company money at the same time.

We collect bottles using 240 and 360 litre bins.

Food Waste

We collect food waste using 240 litre bins, they are emptied weekly ensuring food does not sit on site for long periods of time. We also offer kitchen caddys and regular bin washes, we plan to make food recycling a piece of cake!

What foods can be recycled?

  • Meat and fish – raw and cooked, including bones
  • All dairy products, such as eggs and cheese
  • Raw and cooked vegetable and fruit
  • Bread, cakes and pastries
  • Rice, pasta and beans
  • Uneaten food from plates and dishes
  • Tea and coffee grounds

Why should we recycle our food?

Methane from food waste is 22 times more damaging to the environment than CO2.

Be one step further towards 'Zero Waste to Landfill'.

Your general waste containers will be cleaner and lighter, and therefore cheaper.

The recycling process is even better than CO2 neutral, as it generates renewable energy.

By separating your food waste you will be reducing the waste sent to landfill and therefore help your business avoid expensive Landfill Tax costs.

Increasing recycling helps to reduce your business carbon foot print.

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