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Successful waste reduction and recycling awareness comes through education. With that in mind, we are working with schools across west, north and south Yorkshire; delivering a programme of engaging waste-related lessons and activities to children of all ages.

Who are the Forge Education lessons for?

Lessons are available for KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4, and have curriculum links to maths, science and citizenship.

The Forge Education programme is free of charge for all primary and secondary schools in our area of cover and is delivered by our wonderful Education Officer, Julia Roebuck (who has been DBS checked).

What’s involved in a Forge Education session?

We can deliver half-day or full-day sessions to suit your school’s timetable. A general overview of each session can be seen below:






Food waste lesson



Food waste lesson

Lunch waste audit



Litter pick

Lunch waste analysis



Lunch waste audit




Lunch waste analysis




Food waste lesson





How to book a free Forge Education session for your school

If you’d like to book in for a Forge Education day or find out more about our waste awareness lessons, please get in touch via

Please include the following details to help us deal with your enquiry quickly and efficiently:

  • School name
  • Address
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Walkington Primary School, Beverley

On the 9th May, 2022, our Education Officer, Julia Roebuck delivered a great day of Forge Education for the students at Walkington Primary School in Beverley. The school had a half-day of Food Education and participated in a food waste audit over lunchtime.

The school said: “Thank you to the school council and Julia for conducting a food-waste audit over lunch. They then spoke to the whole school about how important it is that we try and reduce this waste, and the positive impact this would then have on our environment” 

Harewood Primary School, Leeds

Harewood Primary School enjoyed a Forge Education visit on 10 March 2020 and Mrs Wright, the school’s Eco Club coordinator said:

“Your visit had a positive impact on our children. Mr Sturgess said that in Class 4 the children were engaged and learnt a lot, he said it was very well planned. Our Green Team loved the work they did with Julia and they are coming up with some great ideas. Mrs Burnley said that the children were making very insightful comments and coming up with great ideas which we will apply in school.”

King Ecgbert School, Sheffield

Forge Recycling’s Education Officer, Julia Roebuck and our Commercial Manager, Chris Hale, gave King Ecgbert School an exciting and informative day full of activities and recycling information, on the 21st October 2021. 

"Julia and Chris visited our school to meet with our Eco-Council and discuss the issue of waste produced across school and what happens to it. They were both very friendly and engaging, and tailored their delivery to our students and their specific questions. There was a hands-on element to the session exploring the bins across school, and the brainstorming session that followed has given us loads of ideas to work on in school. It's really provided our students with momentum to keep working on the nitty gritty and make a difference where they can. Thank you!"

Ravenshall School, Dewsbury

Ravenshall School enjoyed a jam-packed day of environmental and recycling education, including getting involved with litter picking equipment and deepening their knowledge of topical environmental issues. 

Rachel Thackray, Business Manager said: “Today we have been learning about recycling and COP26, which we have taken a keen interest in. Julia was not fazed by the characters she was working with. She fully engaged with them and adapted quickly to our school.”

Outwood Grange Academy, Wakefield, Sustainability Day

Team Forge were excited to be invited to Outwood Grange Academy’s Sustainability Day, July 2022. Forge organised a stall at the event, amongst many others including Wildlife, Energy and Careers in Sustainability stalls. We have been collecting the school’s waste and recycling since 2016.


Forge Recycling’s stall included recycling activities, quizzes and lots of information relating to the work the pupils were doing in class regarding waste segregation, plastic polymer numbers and the benefits of recycling, which students were very knowledgeable of and interested in.

The pupils were very enthusiastic about recycling and knew a lot about their school’s sustainable practises, such as using blazers for school uniforms made of plastic bottles, tree planting and plastic-free initiatives such as plastic-free dining room food packaging.

Outwood Academy’s inquisitive Year 8 pupils also submitted many interesting and valuable questions for us to answer, such as one pupil’s question regarding our carbon offsetting method of tree planting:  ‘Where do you plant your trees and what kind are they?’

Elizabeth Howcroft, at Outwood Academy, said:

‘Forge’s input was fantastic, so many students have been repeating the conversations they had with Forge. Both students and staff are looking forward to being back in September to start work on not only next year's event but also possible future projects with Forge'

Thank you to Outwood Grange Academy for having us, and for being so interested in sustainability! We look forward to continuing to work with you.

Forge Recycling’s Zero to Landfill Project: Food Composting in Schools


Forge Recycling are sharing this cartoon-style educational graphic to communicate the impacts of how Yorkshire schools are managing their food waste. The average Primary school will produce over four tonnes of food waste a year!

Choosing to compost with Forge, instead of disposing of food in general waste bins, has amazing environmental benefits, such as creating renewable energy as well as returning rich soil to the Yorkshire farmland. This is in addition to reducing overall waste management costs!

By recycling with Forge, schools can ensure food waste is disposed of through the brilliant processes of anaerobic digestion and in-vessel composting, at a special facility in Yorkshire.

If you are a school, or business, in the area and are interested in recycling your food and compostable waste, please get in touch with us at Forge and we can arrange a free waste audit.

Spread the Forge Education word

If you’ve booked in for a Forge Education day or have already enjoyed one, please share it on your school website and contact us with any photos you’re happy for us to share on our social media and website. The more the Forge Education scheme is shouted about, the more kids in Yorkshire will receive the free lessons.

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