Forge Recycling Leeds and Harrogate based Waste Management Service. We offer a flexible and innovative approach to commercial waste management. We also offer a full Recycling Service and are able to collect Mixed Recyclables, Food Waste and Glass Bottles using our specialist split bodied collection vehicle.
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A Flexible and Innovative approach to Waste Management

Forge Recycling offers a flexible and innovative approach to waste management. We understand the importance of customer service and that each of our customers has their own specific requirement.

We are a local company with our depot and office team based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We can offer the full range of waste containers from Trade Sacks, Wheelie bins and Rollon / off skips to ensure whatever your requirement we have options to suit your business.

Forge Recycling understands the importance of land fill avoidance and increasing recycling rates. We therefore offer a full Recycling Service and are able to collect Mixed Recyclables, Food Waste and Glass Bottles using our specialist split bodied collection vehicle.

Forge Recycling is registered with the Environment Agency. As a waste carrier and will provide a Duty of Care/Transfer Note with all waste movements, ensuring your business complies with all relevant environmental legislation.

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Recycling Collection Service

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Recycling Collection Service

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Recycling Collection Service

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Commercial Waste

Forge Recycling offers a Total Waste Management Solution for your business. We can help you save money by introducing Innovative Recycling Solutions as well as cost effect General Trade Waste collections.


We offer Bins and Sacks in many different sizes to cater for any recycling need.

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Business waste management service

Are you looking for waste management service in Leeds, Harrogate or the surrounding area? Yes? Then you have come to the right place.

We offer a Food recycling service for household or commercial compost. Our split bodied waste collection vehicle allows us to collect food waste and another waste stream at the same visit helping to make the service a cost effective solution for your business. Increasing recycling helps to reduce your business carbon foot print.

Our Mixed Recycling Service includes Paper, Cardboard, Plastic Bottles, Drinks Cans, Food Tins. These can all be put into your Mixed Recycling Container. Once collected this material will be sorted at a Materials Recovery Facility where it will be 100% recycled.

Glass recycling is important because glass bottles are expensive to send to landfill as they are heavy. Forge Recycling can collect glass bottles from Restaurants, Pubs and clubs and ensure they are 100% recycled helping to save your company money at the same time.

Forge recycling specialises in Commercial waste management in Leeds and Commercial waste management in Harrogate.We can advise you on the most cost effective solution to deal with your waste.

Same-day commercial waste collection

Once the correct service has been arranged and the relevant paperwork has been completed we will arrange for the bins/sacks to be delivered. We do not charge for the bin delivery. This process can take as little as a couple of days from your initial enquiry. If urgent, it is possible to get the paper work signed and a bin delivered on the same day.

We offer many types of waste management containers and bins. Our wide range of products and sizes of sacks, containers and bins will accomodate for all commercial waste situations. Our trade sacks are an ideal solution for commercial properties with restricted access or produce small quantities of waste. Wheelie bins are the most common waste management solution for our commercial customers. Our Rollon/off service is an ideal solution for managing large amounts of commercial and industrial waste. We can supply containers that are either open topped or lidded and both have a rear opening door.